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Welcome to Kabadiwala

Kabadiwala is your place to shop for the best upcycled products available through artisans in India .

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Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 17:30 563/167 Chitra Gupta Nagar,Alambagh, Near Manak Nagar Railway Station , Lucknow -226005, Uttar Pradesh , India +91-9264912263

About Us

Our Story

Kabadiwala Innovations LLP is a start up based out of Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh, India.

Our aim as a start up is to work towards building opportunities and / or platforms that would help towards awareness towards the recycling / upcycling model.

Its this very aim that has brought together a team of software and banking professionals on-board to create a marketplace where we would like to collaborate with artisans only in the re-cycled / up-cycled / eco-friendly categories. This in turn would also give a selling platform to artisans who are averse to technology and also bring in ideas to create new products in this space.

Our reason for building as a multi vendor marketplace was to ensure that the artists drive their products and get the maximum out of the platform by selling the products directly to the customers at large and also decide their own price. Also being a niche platform chances are that they would not get lost in the large crowd of sellers.

We aim to reach out every office and household with our artisans up-cycled / eco-friendly products which otherwise would have been thrown out thinking of them as waste.

This would also allow us to get Urban India connected to Rural India and bring smiles to faces as a whole.

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